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Another year older 

End table made of recycled
 copper and wine barrel staves
Time flies when you’re having fun. A quick list of accomplishments for 2016:
  • Remodeled the house
  • Got a son graduated from high school
  • Got the same son off to college
  • Visited the tiny island-nation of Mauritius
  • Visited the East Coast friends and family (Manhattan, Boston, New Hampshire)
  • Finished an album of new material
  • Licensed songs for a new indy film (Three Days in August)
  • Attended La Costa Film Festival premier of Three Days in August
  • Took weekend getaways to Marin, San Diego
  • Made lots of furniture
  • Wrote lots of new songs
  • Gigged here and there
  • Busked everywhere, including Paris, Dallas, New York City, Nashville, San Diego and of course the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Saw some great acts, including Pete Escovedo, Chick Corea (twice), Bela Fleck, Norah Jones, Javon Jackson, Victor Wooten and Celine Dion (it was either her or Britney Spears).
How was your year?