What's in a name?

We have been contemplating changing the name of our group.
23rd Hour has some personal significance for us. It was after a marathon 23-hour jam session that we wrote our first song together. We like the name, but it’s not that easy to convey when we are referencing on the radio or over a microphone at a gig. What’s the URL? That’s when we have to get into spelling it out. “It’s 2, 3, R, D, H, R, dot com.”
You can see right there what the problem is. Maybe there’s no easy name when it comes to spelling it out for web sites.
Another problem: people are not good remembering numbers. (Blame it on Google and the Internet. Nobody needs to remember anything anymore when you can search for it.)  We tell them the name, and somehow it ends up 24 hours, or the 11th hour.  And then they’re confused.
And yet one more problem: There’s a cover band with the same name out in Duluth. I don’t think we’re going to face much competition from them here in the Bay Area, but still, if you search for 23rd Hour you’ll come across them and wonder how we’re going to make it back to Mountain View or San Jose for our next gig.
So, what do you think? Keep it? Change it? And if so, to what?


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