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Three years ago, two musicians met up for an ordinary jam session. That day — July 19, 2014 — ended up being a turning point for the both of them. Here’s their take:

Sherry: “We got together and quickly realized that our repertoires were almost mutually exclusive. George knew all the jazz and classic rock up to the early 80s. I mostly played classic rock, pop, R&B from the 90s onwards.”

George: “There was a big gap in between but a sense that since we were already together, we might as well see where we can find common ground.”

Sherry: “While I think we were both scratching our head to remember any songs we might know of the other’s repertoire, it never occurred to me that this might have been a bad idea. I was convinced that writing together could really create something interesting at the very least.”

George: “It didn’t take long to discover that a common repertoire was not all that important. What was important was that we both favored tunes with strong melodies and thoughtful lyrics. By the end of the afternoon, we had worked up a few songs that were well enough rehearsed to take to the coffee house open mic.”

And that’s just what they did. Here is the video of that first performance as a duo at Red Rock, only a few weeks after this first fateful musical encounter.

George & Sherry — first performance together.Where Do We Go went on to become track #4 on our album. Yesterday, we were incredibly excited to see that our album has been downloaded/streamed in at least 23 different countries over the past 3 months. We never could have guessed three years ago that we would be writing this to you today. We feel so lucky to have met and shared July 19, 2014 together.

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