A perfect day

Wake up after 11 hours, feeling fully recovered from jet lag, travel, visiting and feasting.

Decide upon plan for day: 1. Go on diet 2. Put up Christmas lights 3. Build fire in fireplace.

Look for diet food. None in house. In fact, no food of any kind in the house.

Go to grocery store. Buy food.

Return home.

Check weather for showers before putting up lights.

Put up lights. Showers ensue.

Go inside to build fire.

Realize no fireplace grate exists.

Go outside in rain and fire up welder. Make grate.

Put fireplace grate in fireplace. Light fire.

Realize fires are really nice with wine and music.

Pour and drink wine. Get out guitars and make our own music.

Time for dinner.

Since it’s been several hours of dieting, time for real food. Make lasagna and pie.

Eat said items.

Go back to fire, now dying down.

Realize embers would be perfect to roast marshmallows.

No marshmallows.

Make grocery list for tomorrow: 1. Marshmallows.

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